How to create your Glotio account in PrestaShop

First steps to start your translation

On our web, you can find our certified module. Download it for FREE.

Once you downloaded and set it (here we explain how to do that), you must create your Glotio account.
Each URL needs a different Glotio account.

You will receive an email with a link to confirm. Once you do it, you can access your Glotio account. Put in your email and password and welcome!

The email you will use does not have security blocks on external emails, because we need to send you our validation link and other important communications.


  • Can I use Glotio for more than one website? If you want to use Glotio for different websites, you need to create an account for one online store. IMPORTANT: Each URL needs a different Glotio account. You cannot use the same email address for more than one account.
  • I didn’t receive the validation link. What can I do? First of all, please check your spam box. In case you don’t find it, please contact us to validate your account.
  • How can I change my password? Simply go to the Login page and click on “I forgot my password.”
  • Can I update the email address I used to register? If you haven’t made your first translation yet, please reach out to us for assistance in updating your email address.
  • I want to use a test URL. Then can I change it? If you have a test URL please check this article:
  • Can I translate multiple stores from a multi-store? If you have configured the PrestaShop multistore, it’s not possible to use Glotio. Why I cannot translate a PrestaShop Multistore Glotio doesn’t support this kind of shop.

To start translating your first language, you’ll be eligible for the launch promotion for the first time. After that, you must select one of our plans.

If you need any other help, contact us.

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