We help you to install Glotio

We help you to install Glotio in your online shop and carry out the first translation. One of our consultants will guide you through every step so that you can have your online shop in as many languages as you want.


Learn how to install and translate with Glotio.

We show you step by step how to install the Glotio module on your platform and how to use it to translate your online shop into other languages.


Connect Glotio
to your eCommerce
Add Glotio to your eCommerce platform to make the connection.


Detect and translate
The system will scan your online shop for all content so that you can then choose the languages into which you want to translate your eCommerce.


We analyse your online shop
for translatable content.
Glotio will analyse your online shop for all translatable content and, if you wish, you can decide whether you want to translate all or only part of the content.


Your online shop
already translated
Your online shop will be displayed in the subdomains or language subdirectories, so you only need to work on the content in the original language of your eCommerce.

We use the best
translation systems.


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