Glotio benefits

Why should you choose Glotio?

In eCommerce, there are a lot of competitors, and time is a very important factor since the first step to internationalising your store is translating it into other languages. On the other hand, professional translations are very expensive and they need time.

Thanks to Glotio, you can start translating quickly and have a store in another language in less than a day. In this way, you can start selling your products to more markets and testing where your products work better without having a large investment at the beginning of your international business.

Analyzing the traffic flow, you can make a first analysis of the most interesting countries and products, improving the quality of the machine translation since the system recognizes every change of words or expressions and adopts it for all future translations.


  • Boost the power of your SEO generating content in all the languages you translated and respecting the structure of internal links and URLs. By creating tons of new relevant content, Google and other search engines index these pages by positioning your online store in several languages.
  • Save time and improve the quality of your translations. Reaching a good translation will become easier and easier thanks to three powerful tools: Smart dictionary, Excluded Words, Find and Replace.
  • Improve the power of your marketing strategies, creating exportable data feeds in several languages. Google Shopping, price comparators, marketplaces… if you want to position your shop in any sales channel internationally, surely it will ask you for feeds in the native language of the country in which you are going to sell your products. Create marketing campaigns in new countries: the new content translated into multiple languages is your own. Doing your marketing campaigns in multiple languages is very easy.
  • Pay only for what you translate. We are so convinced that Glotio will fall in love with you, that we have decided to give you 50% off on the first translation into a language. Try us without a fee and then pay only for what you translate.
  • The translations are yours, as they are hosted on your server, you will not depend on the availability and operation of our service for these translations to be visible in your online shop. Even if you stop using Glotio, the texts will always remain in your shop. Even if you stop using Glotio, the texts will always remain in your shop.

I would like to emphasize that Glotio is an automatic system and therefore is not able to translate 100% of the store. In Advanced Setting, you can set all the fields you want to translate.

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