In what does Glotio help you?

Glotio helps your marketing strategies


SEO works on technical aspects such as the optimization of the structure and metadata of a website, but it is also applied at the level of content, to make it more useful and relevant to users. With Glotio you can generate content in all the languages you translated and respect the structure of internal links and URLs.
By translating your store into more languages, customers will find more credibility and confidence in your store since they can read the contents in their native language. It will increase your usability in these countries and your traffic conversion rate. Therefore, once you decided to internationalize your store, it is essential to not lose the SEO you have got.
Don’t worry, since Glotio respects the SEO of your default language. You can start positioning organically in each county where you decided to sell using their native language. By creating tons of relevant new content, Google and other search engines index these pages by positioning your online store in as many languages as you want.


Google Shopping, price comparators, marketplaces … any sales channel in which you want to position yourself internationally, will ask you for feeds in the country language in which you are going to sell. A feed is a file consisting of a list of products that use groups of attributes, which uniquely define each of the products.
With Glotio, the translated content is saved in your shop, so the data feed is exportable. With saved translations, you can start search engine marketing (SEM) in all the languages you want. Glotio allows you to translate all data from exportable feeds to do marketing strategies on Google and other click providers. Allowing to do segmented marketing by language and promoting international growth. You save time, improve your visibility and boost your sales.


As the translations are hosted on your server, we won’t have to depend on the availability and operation of our service for these translations to be visible in your online shop.
The translations are yours, even if you stop using Glotio for a while, the texts will always remain in your shop.

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