Launch offer: your first translation at 50% off

Take advantage of the opportunity to translate 50% into a language of your choice*.

We are so convinced that you will fall in love with Glotio that we have decided to offer you a 50% discount on the translation of the first language, so try us without obligation. If you translate more than 1 language at a time, there are even more discounts for you!
Here is more info.

What do you need to get started?

  • You need to have an online shop with one of the supported platforms, even if it is in maintenance mode. Here is more info.
  • Have a properly configured SSL certificate and use suitable hosting.
  • No firewall or other security measures that could block our API calls.
  • Install our module on your Glotio-compatible platform and create the account (only for PrestaShop).
  • The source language within your CMS will be the source language that Glotio will use to translate.
  • Add a language selector to your shop to see the translated website (PrestaShop only).
  • If you have configured the multistore, we are sorry but Glotio does not support this type of shop at the moment. If you need help, please contact us.

Take advantage of the launch promotion: your first language translation at 50% of the original price!

  1. Choose the language you want to translate. Glotio will analyse your online shop, crawling the entire website to check which texts are translatable. Follow the steps of the wizard to choose the language and translate it.
  2. Your shop is now translated into the language of your choice!

If you want to add a new language or update the translation with the changes made to your texts, you can save money thanks to our subscription plans.

IMPORTANT: deleting languages on your platform does not restart the promotion and generates connection problems, see article on deleting languages.

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