How do I know how many characters/words my shop has?

We help you choose the best subscription plan for you.

Once Glotio is installed, our system connects via API to your shop.
To find out how many characters your shop has, and to see which subscription plan is best suited to your needs, you have to:

  1. Install Glotio
  2. Create an account (needed only for PrestaShop)
  3. Launch the analysis in your dashboard
  4. Choose the languages you want to translate

You’re done!

With Glotio you can:

  • Translate new languages from scratch
  • Update the translated languages so that they are always up to date

Which plan best suits my shop?

Check this table to find out which language maintenance plan best suits your shop:

Choose this plan if you hardly ever create content in your online shop. You have the possibility to test the editing and proofreading tools for 30 days.

This plan is ideal for you if you create very little content for your online shop.

For online shops that generate a high volume of content on a monthly basis.

Recommended for online shops that generate a lot of content per month.
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You can test the system with the free first language promotion.

Not sure which plan to choose?

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