Error: Default language changed, translated language deleted

I have changed/deleted a language translated with Glotio in my shop and now there is an error. What should I do?

The system returns errors in case of any changes that affect languages once you have already used the translation into a language.

1) You changed the default language of the shop after translating: the source language in Glotio is the language from which translations are made. This is important because Glotio understands that the content of your website has been entered into the source language of your shop.

2) You changed the ISO of a language: Glotio only recognises the ISO you set. Sometimes, PrestaShop may accept ISOs that Glotio does not identify. Please check this list to see which ISOs are recognised.

3) You changed the ID of a language: sometimes, if you reinstall the CMS, PrestaShop changes the IDs of the languages.

If, after having translated one or more languages, you made a mistake or deleted/changed the source language in your shop, or you changed anything in the settings of a translated language (the ISO or the ID for example) on your platform, Glotio will return a blocking error. This avoids serious errors in the functioning of Glotio. Please contact us so that we can solve your problem.

WARNING: deleting languages in your platform does not restart the promotion and generates connection problems.

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