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At last a fast, cheap and efficient translator system.

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Simplify your translation process

Glotio provides a reliable and easy way to translate all the texts in your PrestaShop, allowing you to have a multilingual content for marketing in more than 50 countries.

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Download and install our free module

In the PrestaShop marketplace you can find our certified module. Download it for FREE and create your account in just two minutes.

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Indicate which languages you want to translate your PrestaShop into

Once we know what content is available for translation, you can tell us which languages you want us to translate it into – the first translation to the first language is FREE!

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We analyze your online store for translatable content

Our simple wizard will guide you in a few steps through the process necessary for Glotio to track your Prestashop for translatable material.

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Glotio updates your translations whenever you want

The languages that you have translated in our panel will be updated automatically or manually at the time you want, so that you always have your online store updated.

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Power your SEO in an instant

By creating tons of new relevant content, Google and other search engines index these pages, positioning your online store in as many languages as you want.

Linkbuilding friendly!

If you include internal links within any text to be translated, Glotio will adapt the link to the target language maintaining the PrestaShop URLS format.

The translations are yours. Since you do not depend on third parties, all texts that have been translated will remain forever in your PrestaShop. We believe there is no one better than you to guard them.

Do your marketing international

New content translated into multiple languages is entirely yours. Use it wisely… making your marketing campaigns in multiple languages is an amazing idea.

Data feeds

Google Shopping, price comparators, marketplaces… any sales channel in which you want to position yourself internationally, will ask you for feeds in the language of the country in which you are going to sell.

A feed is a file formed by a list of products using groups of attributes, which define each of the products uniquely.

Three key tools that will improve your translations day by day

Glotio has tools that convert our automatic process (based on artificial intelligence tools) into a system that is increasingly more skilful and powerful. – Reaching excellence will be more and more possible thanks to our three powerful tools.

Find and replace

You can always find some word or string of words that you prefer to replace with another. With this tool it will now be a piece of cake.

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Exclusion list

You will most likely want to avoid translating certain words, such as brands or suppliers. You can automatically add them to the exclusion list.

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Smart dictionary

No one knows the products you sell as well as you or your team, so you can teach Glotio how to translate certain words.

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  • Thanks to Glotio we have been able to internationalize our ecommerce in less than an hour, being able to sell in all the countries we wanted, in a super simple way. It is a pleasure to use this tool.
    Raimundo Casas
  • It's just amazing. We spent tens of thousands of euros to translate our ecommerce. After discovering Glotio, we only spent a few tens of euros a month.
    Miriam Knut
  • The ultimate way to keep your PrestaShop and all your products 100% translated. Impossible not to fall in love with this tool.
    Santiago Jorge
  • The minimum cost of Glotio for our online shop is derisory if we consider that, thanks to being able to sell in multiple countries in multiple languages, we have multiplied our sales considerably.
    John Kundlani

Download the PrestaShop module for FREE

We are so convinced that Glotio will make you fall in love, that we have decided to give you the translation to the first language. Try us out without obligation and then stop only for the content you translate.

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