Save money and sell in other languages

Glotio is the most cost-effective machine translation service for eCommerce on the market, offering rates up to half the price of the average translator.

— In a matter of minutes you can translate your online shop at a low cost.

First translation


The first translation into another language, free of charge and without monthly subscription.

  •  Free PrestaShop module.
  •  1 language for free.
  •  Translate up to 25 million characters for free.
  •  Advanced tools to translate to perfection.
  •  Limited time promotion, not cumulative and only for one language.


Rest of translation

0,0001 €

Per character and for all available languages.

  •   Free PrestaShop module.
  •   Up to 50 languages available for translation.
  •   Daily automatic analysis of your online shop.
  •   Translate all texts with no limits.
  •   Advanced tools to translate to perfection.


FREE the first translation into another language.
To be as sure as we are of the quality and ease with which you will translate your online store, try it out for free. Take advantage of this launch promotion!

Pay only for what you translate.
At Glotio you will only pay for the number of words you translate, without any monthly fee.

We charge just enough
Each character is priced at 0,0001€.

The more characters you translate, the less money you pay.

Get discounts of up to 60% depending on the total number of characters to translate in your online shop.

  • From 1 million characters

  • From 5.000.000 characters

  • From 10.000.000 characters

  • From 25.000.000 characters

  • Discounts apply to all new translations into other languages. These discounts also apply to all your language updates, both manual and automatic.

Do you want to know how many words your ecommerce has?

We make it easy for you. Download and install the Glotio module for free from the PrestaShop marketplace and in a few seconds you will be able to analyze your online shop and find out the exact number of characters to translate.

— Remember, the first language you want to translate is FREE.

Translate for free the first language of your online shop and start selling in other countries.

Install and test Glotio for free in your PrestaShop. No strings attached and no hidden costs.