We are the most economic machine translation system for eCommerce on the market, much cheaper than other translators. Indeed, we only need few time to translate your entire online store.

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Incredible discounts depending on the amount of text to be translated

We apply up to 60% discount depending on the amount of texts to be translated in your online shop.

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Pay only for what you translate.
At Glotio you will only pay for the number of words you translate, without any monthly fee.

We charge just enough
Each character is priced at 0,0001€.

  • More than 200.000 words   *
  • In translations and updates

  • More than 1.000.000 words *
  • In translations and updates

  • More than 2.000.000 words *
  • In translations and updates

  • More than 5.000.000 words *
  • In translations and updates

  • Every time you translate a new language or perform a daily update

Want to know how many words your ecommerce has? Simple, install our FREE module from PrestaShop’s marketplace and in a few seconds we will analyze your online store, indicating the exact number of text to be translated.

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