1.1 This service is operated by Sellboost Solutions S.L., (hereinafter, “SellBoost”) with registered address at Calle Triana 120, piso 6º izq, Oficina, 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), tax code B76348689, and email address legal@glotio.com, duly registered in the Companies Register of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Volume 2219, Folio 169, Page GC-55699, Entry 1.


2.1 The purpose of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, “T&Cs”) is to establish the rights and obligations derived from the contractual relationship between SellBoost and the Client when the latter contracts the services requested from SellBoost.

2.2 Specifically, the service offered by SellBoost via its API, or Application Programming Interface, provides the automatic translation of texts belonging to an online store or website through the “Glotio Module” (hereinafter, the “Program” or “Glotio”, indistinctively), as detailed in Section 3.

2.3 When the Client contracts the Program, they explicitly accept our T&Cs and any other related standards, which are always available and accessible to the Client.

2.4 Consequently, only situations or services in the provision of the Program which breach these T&Cs will be deemed a contractual breach by SellBoost.

2.5 Anyone who wishes to contract the Program, and therefore become a Client of SellBoost, must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. If you contract the Program on behalf of a third-party company which owns the information and is responsible for the business, you declare to have the authorisation and the adequate and sufficient power to enter into contracts on behalf of said company. In this sense, you are solely responsible for letting the company know about this contract, as well as the associated T&Cs. This exempts SellBoost, to the full extent permitted in the legal system, from the consequences arising from the lack of information. Likewise, the Client declares that all the information provided to access the Program, before and during its use, is true, exact, complete and precise.

2.6 The contract between SellBoost and the Client may be concluded in Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Polish or Portuguese. Notwithstanding the above, in the event of a conflict of interpretation between the indicated languages, the Spanish version will prevail.

2.7 Neither party may assign these general terms and conditions or any of the rights or obligations arising from them to a third party without the express consent of the other, except if the assignment is made in favour of one of its subsidiaries, its parent company, another entity of the legal group of companies with which it shares a parent company or, in the event of a succession of companies as a result of a merger, takeover, or substantial transfer of all its assets or goodwill.

2.8 If the Client so wishes at a later date, they may contract other programs and/or services provided by SellBoost. In any case, Glotio would be contracted and paid independently. However, if you are already a Client, you will enjoy advantages and promotions when contracting other Programs from the company


3.1 Glotio is a software module which can be installed in any compatible electronic store in order to enable the automated translation of the texts included in the online store.

3.2 Glotio allows the Client to contract the Program and install the module and its corresponding API, or Application Programming Interface (hereinafter, “API”), in their online store.

3.3 First of all, the Client should download and install the “Glotio Module” for free, at which time a manual for use is provided. Once installed, Glotio analyses the Client’s online store and the content to be translated. The Client must indicate in which language/s they want the translation and Glotio provides them with a quote. If the Client accepts the quote, they must add a payment method as described in Section 4, unless it is associated with a Glotio promotion, in which case it will not be necessary to enter the payment method. After that, Glotio translates the Client’s online store.

3.4 Each time a translation is carried out, it will be confirmed by an email sent to the address indicated by the Client.

3.5 As long as the Client has the Glotio module installed, it continues to work every day, updating the contents of the online store and informing the Client whether there is new content to be translated and the cost associated with these translations.

3.6 In relation to the previous point, Glotio provides the Client with the option to determine a monthly credit limit so that they can choose how much they want to have in their Glotio wallet. As a result, not only does Glotio analyse the store online every night and create a quote for the new content, but it also offers the option to automatically proceed to the translation of said content, which will be charged to this credit. Further information about the monthly credit is given in Section 5.


4.1  The prices of the Program are indicated in euros (€) and are subject to Canary Islands Indirect Tax (IGIC, in its Spanish acronym) or Value Added Tax (VAT) in force at the time of purchase, as appropriate in each case.

4.2  In any case, the operation could be exempt from or not subject to IGIC or VAT depending on the Client’s country or region of residence or the condition under which they do business. For this reason, in some cases the final price may be altered with respect to the original price shown.

4.3 To contract the Program, and apart from the specific promotions which SellBoost may carry out according to the corresponding specific terms and conditions, the Client accepts that it is essential to pay the price in full, in advance and in a one-off payment, always depending on the number of languages initially selected to translate.

4.4 Payment may be made by VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card, and via the Stripe payment platform, with the amount being charged at the time of purchase. Said payment is made on a secure page, using SSL technology to ensure the security of data transmission.

4.5 The payment for contracting the Program will normally be in euros, but it may be in other currencies, which will generate small modifications in the final amount payable due to the exchange rate.

4.6 The Client acknowledges that the Program fees may vary, as prices are subject to deals or promotions in certain cases.


5.1 Once the one-off payment has been made for the first translation, whether in one or more languages, the Client’s credit or debit card number will be stored on Stripe. The purpose for this is to manage the recurring charge for updates of the translated texts, always according to the established credit limits.

5.2 When the Program has made the first translation, whether in one or more languages, every night it will check whether there are new texts to be translated in the online store and it will update and charge them according to the established credit limits.

5.3 Payment for text updates will be handled according to two credit limits: one limit managed by the Client and the other by Glotio.

5.3.1 The limit set by the Client allows them to indicate the maximum amount in euros that they are willing to pay each month to update the translations of their texts. By default, this will be €50, but the Client may increase or decrease it, customise it, or indicate that there is no limit. In any case, the minimum payment is €3, although Glotio reserves the right to alter this minimum amount. If during the month the Client is close to exceeding their credit limit, Glotio will notify them so that they can modify it. If the Client does not update their credit limit, Glotio will not translate any texts until such limit is modified to an amount which covers all the texts pending translation. In this case, they will be billed at the end of the month for the amount actually consumed, with the credit indicated by the Client being re-established at the beginning of the following month.

5.3.2 The Glotio credit limit will normally be €50, although this may be modified by Glotio depending on the Client’s specific needs, such as the monthly volume of characters to be translated. Whenever the Client reaches the Glotio credit limit, and even if they have not exceeded their monthly credit limit, this amount will be billed automatically regardless of the time of the month. This limit is different from the monthly limit of the Client’s account and is charged on different dates, depending on when it is reached.

5.3.3 As an example: the Client’s monthly credit limit is €100, the last update was quoted at €30 and they had already accrued another €20 in previous translations, Glotio will charge the €50 of their credit limit at any time of the month, with the corresponding invoice being created and an email being sent with the amount charged. If, on the other hand, the Client indicates a monthly credit of €50 or less, they will not be charged during the month, as their limit is equal to or less than the Glotio limit.

5.4 Therefore, payment will be made as follows:

5.4.1 At the end of the month, if the required minimum payment has been reached. Otherwise, it will remain as accrued.

5.4.2 Every time an update is released regarding the translation of the texts and the credit determined by Glotio is exceeded.

5.5 If at the end of each month the initially translated texts have not undergone changes, the Client will not have to pay anything. Notwithstanding the above, the possibility of updating the translated texts will not be available if the Client had the initial translation performed thanks to a Glotio promotion. In this case, the Client will have to provide the details of a payment method for the handling of recurring payments, always as indicated above and taking into account that the minimum payment is €0.50.


6.1 The Program offered by SellBoost, and its prices, will be available for contracting for as long as it is published on its website.

6.2 In any case, SellBoost reserves the right to make any modifications which it deems appropriate to the Program, with the option of updating the Program based on the market.

6.3 Likewise, SellBoost reserves the right to change prices without prior notice, without detriment to this, and will endeavour to inform the Client in advance.

6.4 Despite the updates made to the prices of the Program, they may contain errors. We will promptly correct all errors that appear, but these will not be binding for the Program.


7.1 SellBoost will only breach the contract, among other reasons, if the quality and levels of provision of the Program provided to the Client fail to comply with the parameters, levels and conditions agreed in these T&Cs.

7.2 In no case will the Client hold SellBoost liable for indirect damages, loss of profits, loss of income or loss of business opportunities which may arise from the execution of the T&Cs.

7.3 SellBoost does not guarantee the full availability and continuity of the operation of the Program. In any case, SellBoost will endeavour to provide sufficient advance notice, whenever possible, of any interruptions which may occur in the operation of the Program.

7.4 SellBoost assumes, to the fullest extent permitted by law, no liability for damages of any kind which may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the Program.

7.5 Likewise, SellBoost assumes no liability for damages of any kind which may be due to the use of the Program and its content by Clients, or which may be due to the lack of truthfulness, validity or authenticity of the information which said Clients provide about their online stores. In particular, SellBoost assumes no liability for damages of any kind which may arise from the analysis of the texts and data of the Client’s online store during the translation process.

7.6 SellBoost hereby undertakes to:

7.6.1 Provide the licence to use the Program contracted by the Client in accordance with the provisions of these T&Cs.

7.6.2 Optimally manage the contracted Program.

7.6.3 Provide all the information which the Client requires in relation to the Programs provided, whenever this does not entail disclosing confidential information about other Clients or confidential information about SellBoost.

7.6.4 Glotio will ensure the verification of new texts to be translated within a time slot which generates the least possible damage to the Client and their online store.

7.7 The Client hereby undertakes to:

7.7.1  Pay the rates stipulated at any time on Glotio.

7.7.2 Provide all the information and documents necessary to implement the contracted Program.

7.7.3 Provide true, exact, complete and precise information, and always comply with its obligations regarding confidentiality and protection of personal data.

7.7.4 Use the Program in accordance with these T&Cs, current legislation and other policies included on the Glotio website.

7.7.5 Refrain from accessing, monitoring or copying content or information about Glotio through the use of robots, trackers, data scrapers or any other automated means which may access, track, index, retrieve or use its content for any purpose without explicit permission in writing from SellBoost.

7.7.6 Refrain from inserting, mirroring or otherwise incorporating a part of Glotio into other software without the prior written permission of SellBoost.

7.7.7 Refrain from attempting to modify, translate, adapt, edit, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any software program which Glotio uses, for example, its API.

7.7.8 Refrain from using Glotio to infringe the rights of third parties, which includes the breach of trust and the infringement of copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, moral rights, privacy rights or any other intellectual or industrial property rights.

7.7.9 Refrain from engaging in computer hacking, the extraction of passwords or any other means, or the transmission of computer viruses, worms, defects, Trojans or other elements of a destructive nature.

7.7.10 Refrain from using any device, software or routine which may interfere with the correct operation and security measures of Glotio.


8.1 Given the type of Program which SellBoost provides, the right of withdrawal will not be applicable, in accordance with Article 103, Section m) of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the reviewed text of the Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, where it is shown that this right does not apply to the supply of digital content not provided in a physical format when the execution has begun with the prior explicit consent of the consumer and user with the knowledge on their part that they consequently lose their right of withdrawal.

8.2 In this sense, the Client will contract and pay for the Program in full and in advance, without the possibility of refunds of any kind, whether partial or total.


9.1 Confidential information is deemed to be any information or documentation which either Party provides to the other in the development and execution of the Program and which the providing party has identified as such and considers as a valuable company secret. Said information may not be disclosed to third parties without the explicit consent of the providing party.

9.2  The Parties exclude from the category of confidential information any information which (i) becomes public knowledge not through the fault of either of the Parties; (ii) must be disclosed in accordance with the law, a judicial ruling or an imperative act from a competent authority; (iii) is already known by the Parties after having been developed independently outside the scope of this contract; or (iv) is known by other public or private means.

9.3 Likewise, in accordance with the Business Secrets Law, the use or disclosure of a business secret is considered illegal when, without the consent of its owner, it is used or disclosed by anyone who (i) has illegally obtained the business secret; (ii) has breached a confidentiality agreement or any other obligation not to reveal the business secret; or (iii) has breached a contractual or any other type of obligation which restricts the use of the business secret. In any case, any information or knowledge, including technological, scientific, industrial, commercial, organisational or financial, which meets the following conditions is considered a business secret:

9.3.1 Being secret, in the sense that, as a whole or in the precise configuration and assembly of its components, it is not generally known by people belonging to the circles in which the type of information or knowledge in question is normally used, or is easily accessible to them;

9.3.2 Having a business value, either real or potential, precisely because it is secret;

9.3.3 Having been the subject of reasonable measures by its owner to keep it secret.

9.4 This duty of confidentiality will remain in force throughout the duration of the contractual relationship between the Parties and once it has ended.


10.1 The Client acknowledges and respects all the intellectual and industrial property rights held by either SellBoost or third parties, who have legitimately authorised SellBoost for its use/exercise by the latter, regarding or relating to the contracted Program and, in general, to the works or materials which comprise them, which have been used for their development and implementation, or which refer to them. All these works and protected elements, in accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, which approves the Revised Wording of the Intellectual Property Law (hereinafter, TRLPI, in its Spanish acronym), and with Law 17/2001 of 7 December on Trademarks, constitute or could constitute a business secret of SellBoost or third parties.

10.2 The Client undertakes to respect and refrain from disclosing or using any scientific or technical information or specific aspects of the activity belonging to SellBoost to which they may have had access during the provision of access to the use of the Program.

10.3 The source programs, listings, documentation, information, load tests, functional diagrams, data, specifications, computer programs, user manuals, technical documentation used by the Client and/or supplied or made available during the execution of the Program and/or generated in any other way in connection with this Program will be subject to the industrial and intellectual property rights indicated therein. Consequently, the provision of this Program does not imply the acquisition by the Client of industrial and/or intellectual property rights of any kind, in relation to the supplies made in the execution of the Program.

10.4 SellBoost prohibits the Client from modifying, reproducing, duplicating, copying, distributing, selling, reselling and otherwise using the Program for commercial or equivalent purposes.

10.5 Likewise, if the activities carried out within the framework of this Agreement result in any material subject to industrial and intellectual property rights, they will correspond to SellBoost.

10.6 The Client enables SellBoost to use its logo and brand, solely, to refer to it as a Client, and it may, in turn, use the Glotio logo and brand, solely, to mention it as a trusted provider in relation to the Program.


11.1  The Client grants SellBoost, and as long as its Program is installed, a non-exclusive, indefinite, transferable and sub-licensable licence for worldwide use on the texts and data included in their online store, in order to analyse them for translation and the improvement of the Program, as well as to expand the range of Programs, i.e. the subsequent development of new programs and/or services created, managed and produced by SellBoost based on such information, all in accordance with and respecting the applicable regulations.

11.2 The new text generated by Glotio from the translation of the online store content will be owned by the Client. However, in any event, the Client grants SellBoost a free, non-exclusive, indefinite, transferable and sub-licensable user licence on the new text generated for its reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation for the reuse or improvement of this Program, as well as for the creation, management and production of other new SellBoost programs and/or services, always in accordance with the applicable regulations.

11.3  The above means that the content remains the property of the Client, but SellBoost, thanks to said commercial user licence, may use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute and publish the content, create derivative works from it, display it and exhibit it around the world, by any means known now or in the future according to the state of the art, and for any legitimate purpose, without compromising and full protecting the rights of the Parties.

11.4 In any event, the use of the information for the previously indicated purposes is not considered personal data (non-personal information), so the regulations on the protection of personal data do not apply, as we are dealing with:

11.4.1 Data which was not originally related to an identified or identifiable natural person, such as aggregated sales data that responds to the country, province/state and postcode, or catalogue-based data such as products, prices, stock, taxes, currencies, languages, etc.

11.4.2 Data which was initially personal data, but later became anonymous (aggregated data).

11.4.3 Data collected about any activity of a natural or legal person for the purpose of providing a data exchange service, such as any relating to the date, time and geolocation, the duration of the activity or the connections which the service user may establish with other natural or legal persons (metadata).

11.5 Notwithstanding the above, the Parties may, by mutual agreement, analyse the interest and advantages of both in favour of the benefits and advantages of these in the development of new products and/or services.



12.1  In order to implement the purpose of the contract, SellBoost must process the data of the Client, who is the data controller in accordance with Article 4.7) of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter, “GDPR”), so SellBoost is deemed the data processor, as defined in Article 4.8) of the GDPR. In cases in which the contract with SellBoost has been processed via an agent, SellBoost operates as the data sub-processor. Therefore, SellBoost, in its capacity as data processor or sub-processor, where appropriate, undertakes to process personal data pursuant to the GDPR and to any provisions on data processing in force at the beginning of the contract or which may come into force during its term. The provisions of Article 28 of the GDPR will apply to ensure that access to this data is not considered a data transfer.  

12.2  In order to carry out the services derived from the fulfilment of the purpose of this processing, the data controller provides the following information to the data processor: This information, which the data controller provides to the data controller for the provision of the Program, is adequate, relevant and limited to the purposes of said processing.

12.3 The data processed, in relation to the purchase form, is: full name, billing address (postcode, country, province, company name, tax code, ID number), telephone and mobile telephone number and card number, with its expiry date and verification code.

12.4 The processing to be carried out consists of the collection, registration, structuring, modification, conservation, extraction, consultation, communication, dissemination, collation and deletion.


12.5 The Client undertakes to:

12.5.1 Allow the processor to access personal data and information in order to adequately provide the Programs referred to in this contract.

12.5.2 If legally required, perform an assessment of the impact on data protection of the processing operations to be carried out by the processor and, if necessary, formulate the corresponding prior consultations with the supervisory authority, informing and giving the precise processing instructions to the processor in relation to any questions or situations which could entail and/or imply the necessary adoption by the processor of specific measures for the implementation of this contract.

12.5.3 Ensure the correct compliance with current regulations by the data processor.

12.5.4 Supervise and control the processing carried out by the data processor in the execution of this contract, including inspections and audits.


12.6 SellBoost undertakes to:

12.6.1 Always process personal data in accordance with the instructions included in the T&Cs and the instructions received, where applicable, from the data controller in writing.

12.6.2 Maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding personal data to which it has access.

12.6.3 Ensure that any persons authorised to process personal data receive the necessary training in personal data protection.

12.6.4 Unless it has the explicit authorisation of the data controller in each case, refrain from communicating (transferring) or disclosing personal data to third parties.

12.6.5 Process personal data in manual and automated treatment systems/devices in accordance with the applicable regulations.

12.6.6 Process personal data within the European Economic Area or another area considered by the applicable regulations as having equivalent security, and refrain from processing said data outside this space either directly or by means of any authorised subcontractors in accordance with the provisions of the contract, unless it is obliged to do so by virtue of the law of the European Union or of the applicable Member State, or unless any of the decisions, implied warranties of merchantability or exceptions for specific situations indicated in Articles 45, 46 and 49 of the GDPR are applicable.

12.6.7 Pursuant to Article 33 of the GDPR, notify the data controller without undue delay and, where feasible, not later than 72 hours after having become aware of it, of any personal data breach of the data under its charge.

12.6.8 Collaborate with the data controller in complying with their obligations regarding security measures, (communication and/or notification of breaches (achieved and attempted), and collaboration in carrying out impact assessments related to protection of personal data, as well as prior consultations in this regard with the competent authorities, taking into account the nature of the processing and the information available

12.6.9 Process personal data in accordance with the security criteria and the content provided for in Article 32 of the GDPR, as well as observe and adopt the necessary or appropriate technical and organisational security measures to ensure the confidentiality, secrecy and integrity of the personal data to which it has access. In this regard: The entire contracting procedure, as well as the transfer of personal data and payment systems, is carried out on a secure page and in an encrypted form via the SSL protocol. We guarantee the security of the Program in accordance with current technological knowledge. However, the full future security of the Program cannot be guaranteed. In any event, Glotio undertakes to correct and to implement the appropriate corrective measures to remedy a possible security breach as soon as possible.


The data processor is authorised to subcontract to:

Subcontractors Subcontracted programes Location  Legitimation
Stripe, Inc. Receipt of online payments. Provides the technical, fraud prevention and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems United States Standard data protection clauses adopted by the Commission


Twilio Inc.375 Twilio is a cloud communications platform that provides software developers with building blocks for adding communications to web and mobile applications or for managing email applications United States Standard data protection clauses adopted by the Commission



Hotjar Ltd. Analysis of the variety of analytical products and user feedback Mostly in the EU Standard data protection clauses adopted by the Commission


Intercom  Messaging platform that allows companies to communicate with potential and existing customers within its application United States Standard data protection clauses adopted by the Commission


ActiveCampaign, LLC Platform for the use of marketing campaigns United States Australia and Ireland Standard Data Protection Clauses adopted by the Commission:


12.8 Subcontracting to other third parties not explicitly indicated in the previous point is also authorised, provided that they are communicated to the data controller.

12.9 The data processor may also subcontract to other contractors which provide auxiliary Programs necessary for the normal operation of the Program, for example, Programs for hosting and retaining personal data, as long as they offer the warranties.


12.10 The duration of this clause is linked to the duration of the contractual relationship between the Parties. Once the relationship has ended, the data processor will proceed to destroy the personal information of the data controller. However, the processor may keep a copy, with the data duly encrypted, for as long as there may be liabilities for the execution of the service.


12.11 After the termination of the contractual relationship between the Parties, the personal data of the contracting individual may be retained for the legally valid periods. The lawful basis of processing is the performance of the main contract. However, the processing of contact data and, where appropriate, data related to the function or position performed by a natural person at a legal entity whenever the processing refers solely to the data necessary for their professional location, and whenever the purpose of the processing is solely to maintain relationships of any kind with the natural person in which the affected party provides their Programs, will be understood as lawful in terms of the legitimate interest of the data controller, as per Article 19 of the Spanish Data Protection Act.

12.12  Likewise, SellBoost informs the Client that it may send messages about products and Programs similar to those contracted based on the satisfaction of legitimate interest, as per Article 21.2 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

12.13 Data may be transferred to other companies of the SellBoost group of companies for administrative and internal purposes within the framework of this business group, and also to the competent authorities and bodies according to the applicable legislation in each case. Outside of these cases, data will not be transferred to third parties unless so required by the applicable law. A priori, international data transfers are not foreseen, but if they were to occur or concur, all the guarantees provided for this purpose by the GDPR will be adopted.

12.14 Each Party, when appropriate, may exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure and data portability, the right to restrict processing, the right to object, and the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing. If either of the signatory Parties considers that their rights have been infringed and they have not been duly attended to by the other Party, they have the right to lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


13.1 SellBoost reserves the right to make changes, at any time, to its platform, to the policies, terms and conditions applicable to the platform, or to the sale of Programs via the platform. This includes these Terms and Conditions.

13.2 In general, the Client will be subject to the terms and conditions and policies of contracting which are in force at the time of contracting the service, and will be duly informed in advance, insofar as it is reasonably and technically possible, of any envisaged changes in this area.

13.3 If any of these terms and conditions is declared invalid, null or ineffective for any cause, this will not affect the validity or enforceability of the other terms and conditions.


14.1 The waiver by SellBoost to exercise its rights in the event of the breach of any stipulation of these T&Cs will not be construed as a general waiver to exercise them in the event of any other breach, both of the same or another stipulation.


15.1 These T&Cs will be interpreted and fulfilled on their own terms. For any other matters not covered, they will be governed by current Spanish legislation on the matter, in accordance with the obligations and responsibilities of the Parties.

15.2  In order to simplify the resolution of claims through civil proceedings and to reduce costs, we do not rule out the possibility of submitting to an Arbitration in Law before the Arbitration Court of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. In this sense, and according to the applicable regulations, SellBoost hereby informs you of the existence of a European online dispute resolution platform which facilitates the out-of-court resolution of disputes regarding contracts concluded online between consumers and Internet service providers. Said platform is available at: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

15.3 If the Program is contracted by a company, in the event of a dispute, the parties will waive their own jurisdiction and submit to the courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and to Spanish law.


16.1. If you require more information about our terms and conditions of use and contract, or in relation to any other policy or legal notice applicable to the platform or our Programs, you may send an email to:

16.1.1 E-mail: legal@glotio.com

16.1.2 Postal address: C/ Triana, núm. 120, piso 6º, Izq., Oficina, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, CP 35002, Spain. 

We will be happy to provide you with all the information you may require.